The mother of Ptolemaios is the Macedonian Arsino. It is for no doubt that Ptolemaios is one of the most reliable generals of Alexander the Great. He was a general of Alexander the Great and he became the king in one of the Diadoki counties established during the period (BC 305-285) by getting the title of Pharaoh (BC 305/4) in the Ancient Egypt. Ptolemaios is the founder of the Kingdom and the Ptolemaios dynasty. Arsinoe which is the neigbour of Nagidos is transferred from the words written on an inscription found in the ancient Nagidos city, in today’s Bozyazi. We thank the archaeolog Mustafa Hamdi Sayar who translated the text on the inscription similar to a poem: “Our city (Nagidos) Homonoia, they must also be invited and pay what is necessary; when the ceremonies are organised. In response to this, the people of Nagidos and Arsinoe – must be ready and pay taxes in the same amount when they sacrficifice for the Egyptian King Ptolemaios II.  and Egyptian Queen Arsinoe. From now on, the people of Nagidos will not be allowed to create any conflicts due to lands given to Arsinoes according to this article. But,  if an Archon in Nagidos has an application towards this agenda, or a speaker makes such an application; Archon must pay 10 000 drahmi and the person who applies should pay 1 000 drahmi and these money must be given to Arsinoe temple and the application must be deemed void. ” Arsinoe was an ancient city on the Cilicia shore, between Anamuryum and Kelenderis. This place is in Turkey, in Mersin city, near modern Bozyazi city. Strabo mentioned that Arsinoe city had a port. William  Martin Leake locates Arsinoe just west of Bozyazi, and beneath it, the Softa Castle just as Strabon defined to be in the Arsinoe – where the demolished remnants the castle are placed on the near or east side of the port.  This modern place is on the east of Anamuryum and to the west of or near Kizil Burun (Kizliman Burnu). This city was founded by Ptolemy Philadelphus and named after his sister and wife Egyptian Arsinoe II.

I am the Queen Arsinoe, I am the woman of a city which was established, in my name.

Around 30 years ago, in Bozyazi, the texts in an inscription found in the ancient city Nagidos proved me:


“Let the people of Arsinoes, the spiritual brothers;

Be sacrificed for the Egyptian King Ptolemaios and Egyptian Queen Arsinoe ”…