The point of establishment for the widespread beliefs in Tasucu village and a mermaid’s being extracted from the sea at the end of the celebrations of the Firshery Festival which is done  every year – is the hyena hole which was left under today’s modern Tasucu houses. It is told that after entering from this hole, there is a wide cave and with the cave a lake. Inside of it was closed in the recent years. The subject matter of the lagend here was MARPESSA. Marpessa falls in love with a fisherman in Tasucu and starts to live with him by eloping with him. However, Marpessa is  the person mentioned in mythology with the stories related with her love with Apollo; she is the daughter of the goddess of the river named Evenos; the wife of Meleagros and the mother of Cleopatra – mentioned in the Illiad. Marpessa chooses the mortal Idas, by not giving response to the love of Apollo who is the god of sun. When Apollo finds them, Idas raises his arms upwards to plea the God. Upon this, Zeus comes and asks Marpessa her preference and she chooses Idas to end this conflict (because she does not trust the love of Apollo). It must be evaluated ethno-archaeologically and sociologically because this event is still celebrated  in Tasucu town.

I am a mortal girl who rejected the love of Apollo.

I fell in love with a fisherman in Tasucu.