There is no one who never heard of Sahmeran Legend. In order to understand this legendary hero next to us; let’s have a look at the interesting story of “snake human” which reached from past to today:  The word “Sahmaran” meaning the King of the Snakes is Persian a word. “Maran” means snake and the word “sah” is still used as king in Iran. Sahmeran described as the leader of the snakes is a supernatural creature who has a women head, who has a snake body and who speaks. The people of Tarsus and around preferred  to use the version of the word as “Sahmeran” by softening it. Sahmeran Legend is one of the most famous and widespread legends of Anatolia. But the Sahmeran Legend is told differently from region to region. Different notions and values mix the legend. The story  is taken to Istanbul and filmed there. In the story, in which Turkan Soray was the Sahmeran; it was shown as a creature in the old Byzantine ramparts. Sahmeran Legend is undoutfully the one with most longevity that they transmitted to the upcoming generations; by bedecking it with the cultural values of the era they live. But if people make and say the different versions, it should be seen as important. This legend has been told since two thousand years. Although the topic did not change through the time, some notions and names are told with changes. In the legend, the personality of the person who meets Sahmeran is also different in some sources. With the personality, the name changes. In some sources, the first person to meet Sahmeran is recorded as “Belkiya”; whereas in some others record it as “Camsab”. In some sources, it is told that the first person to meet Sahmeran is Lokman Doctor.

I am the famous Sahmeran.

My story was diversified.

There is even a bathhouse named after me.

I am the person who reached from past of Tarsus to today, whom am I… Where am I?